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One word: Erupt; just as a volcano we’re boiling up ready to blast open, as we introduce you to our signature event this Carnival season. Don’t be afraid of the lava, step into a vibrant soiree and be tantalized by the elements of the Caribbean. Presented to you by four of your favorite crews…


Conglomerate – defined as a number of different things or parts that are put or grouped together to form a whole but remain distinct entities. This definition encapsulates our very essence, energy, and existence. We are four individual entities collaborating together, sharing our experiences, wisdom, resources and strengths in an effort to bring our vision of Caribbean excellence and fun to life. Collectively, we plan to show you an explosion of energy that we like to call Erupt!


We are YUMA; an international phenomenon providing vibrant creativity that into our designs and creates a Carnival experience for our masquerades that celebrates our culture, our voice and our love for mas. We are Rum & Music; from New York City to Trinidad and beyond offering revelers to enjoy the two most fundamental elements of a quality fete- good music and good drinks. We are Igloo Nation; born in the tropics of Jamaica and cooling off the world with Carnival experiences that have swept through the Caribbean, the United States, and Canada. Spreading an international feeling of coolness, our expert team has more than 20 years of experience in promoting and executing a globally recognized and admired brand. We are Just4FUN; on a quest to elevate and promote the exhilarating experience that is St. Lucia carnival. Home to lush mountaintops and aqua blue waters, and now, one of the most anticipated carnivals in the world!


Together, we are a fortified quartet ready to offer the masses an unforgettable fete. Want to know more about who we are? Allow us to show you far better than we can ever tell. We are a conglomerate and you are our guest for rum, music, masquerading, and ice-cold fun! We are Erupt!!!